Sunday, February 7, 2016

Move: Mobile Apps

Move: Local Destinations and Walking Times

Go exploring!  There are many destinations that are within walking distance from campus.  Check out these recommendations (walking times on the right side for your reference).


Move: Local Hikes and Parks

Get outside and explore the great outdoors!

Check out some of these local hikes or parks:

Not based in the Longmeadow area?  
Check out this list of hikes in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Move: Calendar of Events

You've got this!  And we are all here to support you as well.
Check out some of the events going on around campus to get you moving and connect you to others participating in the #becauseUmatter program!

Rob's Terrific 20 : Spring 2016 Exercise Instructions

Rob's Terrific 20 Exercise Instructions

Move: Overview

Welcome to the start of the becauseUmatter program!

This 10-week program focuses on the 5 pillars of wellness, and provides tools, support, and programs to assist you in setting and meeting goals in each area.   The larger goal is to assist you in thriving through self-care and engaging in stress reducing behaviors.

The first pillar of focus is: MOVE
We will focus on this pillar from Monday, February 8 to Sunday, February 21.

Why is moving your body so important?  It goes way beyond just your physical health, but crosses all 7 dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and financial).

Step 1: Establish a goal for yourself
Pick a goal that you can focus on and achieve for the next two weeks (and hopefully longer).

Goal setting basics: Making SMART goals

For example:
not SMART: exercise more
SMART: Exercise for 30 minutes x 3 times per week

Consider using a mobile app to help you out!

Step 2: Achieve it!
You've got this!  And we are all here to support you as well.
Check out some of the events going on around campus to get you moving and connect you to others participating in the #becauseUmatter program!
Be sure to screenshot or save the calendar so you can access it easily.  
The calendar is also attached to this email for your ease of access.

Need some ideas on ways to get moving?

Step 3: Enter to win a prize
We want to hear from you!  Let us know why you have joined this wellness program and what goal you set for yourself in the area of move.  Complete this quick 1 minute survey and enter yourself to win a raffle.  All answers will remain anonymous.

Step 4: Get active on social media
Share your wellness progress and story using #becauseUmatter

Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions!

Like what you see and want to sign up?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rob's Terrific 20 : Starts February 8th

It's back!! It is time again for the terrific20. This workout that I designed has truly been a labor of love for me. We had a record number of sign ups and participants last year and more importantly, some great success stories.  The terrific twenty is a workout that has pre-planned and includes daily exercises, Monday - Friday with  weekends off for 20 days.

It is manageable for all fitness levels and there is always a modification if it is too difficult or too easy. We've had great success over the last few years with last year being our best yet!

To participate, sign up online:

I am available for any questions or concerns you may have. 
You can reach me from 6:00 am - 10:00 pm Monday - Friday by email, or by calling 413-565-1457 from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Okay, I gave you the treasure map and the tools and I know for a fact the treasure at the end is real. The best part is the riches you will get are yours and yours alone, you don't have to split them with me! 

I hope this workout will inspire you and give a jump start on a life long road to health and happiness! 


*The terrific 20 is starting at the same time as the beginning of the #becauseUmatter health and wellness program.  This program focuses on the 5 pillars of wellness - with the first one being move - perfect for those who participate in the terrific 20.

Click here to find out more about the #becauseUmatter program