Monday, March 7, 2016

Eat Breakfast Daily!

Eating breakfast is an essential part of being well. 

Cutting out breakfast when you are short of time in the morning can become a habit, but this habit can throw off your entire day. 

We all know the benefits of eating breakfast, including boosting brain power and kicking up your metabolism. Why not give it a shot? But skip the sugary stuff, and go for something to keep you full for longer! 

In your dorm! 

Applesauce and cheese stick
Yogurt & granola and fresh fruit  
Home-made trail mix with your favorite nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate pieces
Microwave oatmeal and banana

In the Dining Hall!

MWF Omelet Station
Non-dairy oatmeal and dried fruit 
Whole Wheat Toast & Peanut Butter 
Breakfast Taco with egg, shredded cheese and tomatoes 

At Home! 

Hard Boiled Eggs 
Fruit and Veggie Smoothies 
Whole Wheat Waffles & Honey 
Sunrise Sandwich with egg, sliced turkey, cheddar cheese and guacamole

Monday, February 22, 2016

#becauseUmatter Connect - Focus on Loving

Here are some ideas on ways to love yourself and love others

  • Love yourself
    • Write in a journal every day
    • Tell yourself 5 things you like about yourself every day
    • Appreciate your talents, beauty, intelligence, and skills
    • Appreciate everything other people do for you
    • Stop the negative self-talk - start the positive self-talk
    • Spend more time with friends, but don't neglect your studies
    • Compliment everyone. They'll likely return the favor
    • Distance yourself from those who bring you down
      • “Your friends in life should motivate, respect, and inspire you. Your circle should be well rounded and supportive…. Quality over quantity always.”
    • Do things by yourself
      • Walking in nature
      • Creating art
      • Listening to music
      • Cooking
  • Love others
    • Show someone that you really care about them
      • go out for coffee with them, make small gifts for your friends (like a framed photo of all of you together), etc
    • Offer to help someone out
      • tutoring, cleaning their room, doing homework together…
    • Do random acts of kindness
    • Compliment everyone

#becauseUmatter CONNECT apps

Check out these apps that can help you with your connect goals

  • Calm -
    • This app will help you to relax to become your best self. It provides guided meditation sessions, nature background sounds to help you to relax, and a variety of songs created by a meditation master Kip Mazuy. Using this app will help you to build a better connection to yourself and alleviate the stress that comes along with being a student. (Android only)
    • This app charts your mood and helps you reflect on your day by asking you to input data about how you felt on a scale of 1 - 10, your sleep quality/time, how much exercise you got, if you had healthy meals/plenty of water, and makes you list the symptoms you’re having (irritability, sadness, anxiety, insufficient sleep, poor concentration, etc).(iOS only)

    • This app works to create an overall snapshot of what your life looks like right now . It will help you to identify which areas of your life you need to work on improving in terms of nutrition, hydration, sleep, weight goals, etc, and monitors your progress in reaching those goals. It will also give you a 30-day score that updates constantly to help you get a good idea of how healthy you’ve been recently. (Android and iOS)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Move: Mobile Apps

Move: Local Destinations and Walking Times

Go exploring!  There are many destinations that are within walking distance from campus.  Check out these recommendations (walking times on the right side for your reference).


Move: Local Hikes and Parks

Get outside and explore the great outdoors!

Check out some of these local hikes or parks:

Not based in the Longmeadow area?  
Check out this list of hikes in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Move: Calendar of Events

You've got this!  And we are all here to support you as well.
Check out some of the events going on around campus to get you moving and connect you to others participating in the #becauseUmatter program!